A Complete Guide to Miscellaneous Settings

In this guide, you’ll learn about all the additional settings available in Easy WP SMTP.

Miscellaneous Settings Overview

To access the miscellaneous settings page, go to Easy WP SMTP » Settings and select the Misc tab.

Easy WP SMTP misc settings tab

Here, you’ll see the various miscellaneous settings provided by Easy WP SMTP. We’ll go over each of the settings in the sections below.

Enable Domain Check

Enable domain check

Easy WP SMTP includes a domain check option that allows you to specify domains that’ll be allowed to use the plugin to improve email deliverability.

When enabled, you can add a list of domains you wish to allow access to the plugin.

Adding domains to list

The plugin will only work if the website domain matches the one(s) you add to the list.

If you’d like, you can enable the Block All Emails option.

Block all emails

When enabled, the plugin will stop emails from being sent out if the website domain doesn’t match your specified domain.

Do Not Send

Stop sending all emails

Easy WP SMTP improves the default wp_mail function to ensure emails are delivered using your configured mailer. When you enable Do Not Send on your website, any service that relies on the wp_mail function to send emails will stop working.

To stop your site from sending emails, enable the Stop Sending All Emails option.

Allow Insecure SSL Certificates

Allow insecure ssl certificates

Easy WP SMTP only allows sending emails through a secure SMTP server to improve email deliverability.

If you’d prefer to allow SMTP servers with insecure SSL certificates to send emails, enable the Allow Insecure SSL Certificates option. This option should be disabled for most users and should only be used to debug sending issues.



Easy WP SMTP occasionally shows notifications on your WordPress dashboard. For example, this can be an announcement of a new feature or a notice to consider rating the plugin.

If you’d like to stop seeing such announcements in your WordPress dashboard, toggle the Announcements option to the OFF position.

Email Delivery Errors

Email delivery errors

When emails fail to send on your website, Easy WP SMTP will display a notice with basic information of the email sending issue. These warnings can be helpful when troubleshooting failed emails on your WordPress site.

If you’d like to hide these alerts, toggle the Email Delivery Errors option to the OFF position.

Compact Mode

Compact mode

After installing and activating Easy WP SMTP, it’ll add a sidebar menu to easily access the plugin’s settings page.

If you prefer to access the settings page from your WordPress Settings menu, consider enabling the Compact Mode option.

Hide Dashboard Widget

Hide dashboard widget

The dashboard widget appears immediately after you install and activate Easy WP SMTP on your WordPress site. It shows a summary of your email logs at a glance.

Toggle ON the Hide Dashboard Widget option if you’d like to prevent this widget from showing on your WordPress dashboard.

Disable Email Summaries

Disable email summaries

Easy WP SMTP keeps track of your weekly email activities and sends the summary to your admin email address.

To opt out of this service, toggle the Disable Email Summaries option to the ON position.

Uninstall Easy WP SMTP

Uninstall Easy WP SMTP

If you delete Easy WP SMTP from your WordPress site the conventional way (i.e., deactivating and deleting it from your WordPress plugins page), it won’t remove all the plugin’s data by default.

The plugin’s data is kept to help you quickly restore your Easy WP SMTP configuration if you accidentally delete it from your site.

To remove the plugin’s settings after deleting it from your site, toggle ON the Uninstall Easy WP SMTP option.

When you’re done updating your settings, be sure to save your changes.

That’s it! Now you know about all the available miscellaneous settings in Easy WP SMTP.